What should I do if my luggage goes missing?

In case of a prolonged wait for your luggage or if your luggage goes missing,
„“please inform our task dispatcher or the driver waiting in the arrival area„“. We will know that your flight has arrived and we will wait for you.

What if my arrival time changes?

Our driver will be monitoring your flights arrival area and he will also be in touch with task dispatcher. So, if your flight is delayed we will adjust to the situation. Our driver will be there waiting for you.

What if my driver is late?

Unfortunately due to occasional heavy traffic or other complications your driver could arrive late. However, this occurs very rarely. If this does occur, our driver will inform us immediately so we can resolve the situation. If this problem arises when youre leaving your hotel for the airport and we cannot get in touch with you, we will leave a message at hotels reception.
Please wait for your vehicle to arrive.

Do i have a lot of luggage?

In case your luggage is considerable in number or size, inform us while making your booking. We can arrange a bigger vehicle for you with a large luggage capacity. The same applies if 2, 3 or 4 people are traveling with an excessive amount of luggage. In that case, you only have to pay for the number of passangers not the size of the car.

When and how can i pay?

You can either pay directly after you make your booking using the internet payment option, or by cash / bank card to the driver. If you order a return trip you can pay our driver immediately. The driver will give you a receipt of your payment. Of course, you can make a one way payment and pay for the return trip on your way back.