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Excursions and Day Trips out of Prague


Although the Capital Prague is the most visited place in the Czech Republic, there are many other towns worth the visit.
Therefore, our company takes the liberty of offering trips outside Prague. With us you can discover well known Czech towns which offer an abundance of historical and cultural sites.

Some of them are listed at UNESCO word’s heritage and are considered the cultural treasures of the central Europe. Most trips can be done within one day, so the driver can wait for you and he will take you back to your hotel.

Among the most requested locations are the Karlstejn Castle, Castle Konopiste, Kutna Hora, Karlovy Vary, Terezin, Castle Hluboka nad Vltavou and many others


Český Krumlov - ALL DAY (10hrs)

Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a lively, cosmopolitan town with a unique atmosphere surrounded by unspoiled countryside. Dominated by a Castle stretching over the meandering Vltava River, Cesky Krumlov's narrow cobblestone streets wind along romantic nooks between patrician houses where you'll find attractive exhibits of world- renown artists, music festivals and concerts, and theatre performances. Read more
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Hluboka Castle - ALL DAY (7hrs)

The chateau of Hluboká was originally founded as a guarding castle in the mid 13thKnight from armory century by the Kings of Bohemia, and being royal property, it was frequently forfeited. Several aristocratic families took turns owning it. The important ones included e.g. the Lords of Pernštejn, who founded the nearby fishpond of Bezdrev in 1490, the second largest fishpond in Bohemia. The prominent aristocratic family of the Lords of Hradec purchased the domain in 1561. Two years later, the new owners had the original Gothic castle rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau. Read more
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Karlovy Vary - ALL DAY (7hrs)

The uniqueness of Karlovy Vary lies mainly in balneological treatment that exploits mineral springs. Balneology, however, is only one of the many highlights of the City situated in the heart of Europe. Do not hesitate and pay a visit to the best known spa city in the Czech Republic. Read more
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Karlstejn Castle - HALF DAY (4hrs)

High Gotic castle founded in 1348, which has a unique position among Czech castle. It was built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping of the royal treasures, especially Charles's collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of the Roman Empire. Read more
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Konopiště Castle - HALF DAY (4hrs)

The original Konopiste castle was built in the Early Gothic on the model of a French castellum near Prague. Renaissance and Baroque reconstruction changed the castle into a grand stately home. At the end of the 19th century it was refurbished in the Romantic style for Franz Ferdinand d'Este, successor to the Habsburg throne, and famous for his death in 1914 which started WWI. Read more
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Krivoklat Castle - HALF DAY (4hrs)

The castle of Křivoklát belongs to the oldest and most important castles of the Czech princes and kings. The history of its construction starts in the 12th century. During the reign of Přemysl Otakar II. a large, monumental royal castle was built to be later rebuilt by king Václav IV. and even later generously enlarged by king Vladislav of Jagellon. Read more
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Kutna Hora - HALF DAY (5hrs)

Kutna Hora the town belonging to the UNESCO list of the world cultural heritage. The immensely architecturally rich town Kutna Hora was founded in the early Middle Ages in the middle of ample silver ore finding place and in the course of time it became the second most important town after Prague not only from cultural point of view, but also in economic and political aspects. Read more
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Marianske Lazne - ALL DAY (8hrs)

Marianske Lazne is an elegant Neo-Classical and Art-Noveau spa town with a wide spectrum of natural therapeutic resources and excellent climatic conditions, set among the amazing natural scenes of mountains. The spa area is a network of paths, parks and 39 therapeutic springs, centered on the Colonnade and surrounded by streets of hotels and pensions. Read more
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Pilsen - HALF DAY (5hrs)

Pilsen-Metropolis of West Bohemia. Since its foundation in 1295, The City of Pilsen has naturally become a cultural and economic centre of the West Bohemia. Nowadays, Pilsen with its 165 000 inhabitants covers an area of 138 square kilometres and it is easily accessible by the D5 motorway. The city came to prominence in the middle of the 19th century when the Škoda Works Company and the Pilsner Urquell brewery were founded. Read more
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Terezin - HALF DAY (4hrs)

The key mission of the Terezin Memorial, the only institution of its kind in the Czech Republic, is to commemorate the victims of the Nazi political and racial persecution during the occupation of the Czech lands in World War II, to promote museum, research and educational activities, and look after the memorial sites connected with the suffering and death of dozens of thousands of victims of violence. Read more
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