Krivoklat Castle – HALF DAY (4hrs)

Křivoklát Castle private excursion 4 hours

Distance: 60km Driving time: 1 hour The Tower krivoklat belongs to the oldest and the most valuable sight in our country. It’s founding goes back to the 12th century. It was built on a large rock over the Rakovnik stream during the reign of Premysk Otaka II. Later on it was rebuilt by king Vaclav II and magnificently completed by King Vladislav Jagellonsky. For seeing the Tower Krivoklat in its current state is thanks to the careful and costly reconstructions made by the dynasty Furstenberg after a devastating fire. Today the Tower offers to its visitors a wide range of interesting valuables. You can visit the Grand Hall that has a large exhibition of gothic art works and sculptures, the library offering more than 52 thousand books, museum, and grand picture gallery tower with hunting trophies or a torture chamber. Since the beginning the place was veiled by rumoured legends and is often pictured in films and books. It serves a culture spot and is also used for weddings.